Don’t use baby wipes to clean leather in your home

leather cleaningWho doesn’t know that baby wipes are great? When it comes to cleaning your baby, they are the best. They leave the skin clean and having a nice scent. Most importantly, they are safe for the baby. When time is not on your side, you know baby wipes can really save you out. Even with a huge mess, you can get things cleaned up in a while. However, let’s keep these compliments for the baby cleaning activities only.

Leather cleaning with baby wipes

This is another chapter altogether. Here, baby wipes don’t apply for cleaning purposes. Most homeowners will look at the aspect of safety. They think that anything that is suitable for cleaning a human body and especially that of a baby is safe enough to clean anything else. However, your leather needs some special attention. Take it from leather cleaning experts, it’s not right to clean the leather with baby wipes.

What are the baby wipes?

These are materials or clothes soaked inside cleaning chemicals. The purpose to do that is to keep them moist for a smooth clean once they are required to be used. These wipes are specifically designed for use only in skin cleaning. Detergents are also used with these wipes to ensure quick cleaning. Other chemicals used include sodium hydroxide, acids, sodium citrate, stearyl alcohol, sodium benzoate and others.

These combinations are not healthy for leather. Alcohol, for example, is the most dangerous of them all. As you know, alcohol is a solvent and any of us know it as a spirit. This solvent is capable of damaging a lot of things. The idea that the alcohol is only in a small percentage won’t work on your side. With time using the small quantities will eventually wear out the leather. That happens in stages. First, lacquer finish gets eaten away leaving your leather pigment coat exposed.

After the lacquer coat is eaten away, the leather becomes vulnerable. The attacks will keep coming from the surface. The soil, drinks, foods, jean dye, sweat and the like will all find their way into the pigment layer of the leather that gives it its unique colour. You won’t love the end results. You might be forced to go for re-lacquering or recoloring. Both will bring down the quality of your leather. To make things worse, cleaning doesn’t make any sense once the lacquer layer is worn out. That is because you will be working on the colour layer, wearing it away and making things even worse. There is no protection over your leather.

Cleaning leather should be done using only the specified cleaning agents. When you were buying the leather items, you were advised that and even some cleaning kits for the leather were offered. Those are the ones to go for. They are able to clean the dirt, remove the soil that might have accumulated and get rid of all the contaminants. Most importantly, the agents will protect your leather, unlike the baby wipes. That is what saves you money as you don’t have to go for leather repairs with time.