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How to clean your sofa

How to clean your sofa

Sofas are an essential household item. They not only make the house look attractive but also give you a place to relax on when you are tired. Cleaning sofas can, however, be a challenging task. This is because they require specific detergents to clean them no matter if they are fabric or leather. When cleaning your sofa, the following steps put together by a good friend of mine who owns MHHP Sofa Cleaning will give you most desirable results.

sofa cleaning before and after

Determine the type of your sofa’s leather

Soft fabric sofas can be cleaned by removing the covers and washing them independently. If the sofa has non-removable covers, then the best way is to clean them is to brush them softly with a special brush. Most types of sofas come with non-removable covers, and a couple of washing challenges.

Use the right cleaning methods and detergents

You sometimes find that you have been overestimating a stain on your sofa. Sometimes it can be that you are anxious to get the whole sofa cleaning job done that you end up doing it wrong. Always use the factory user guide before mixing the cleaning solution you are using. Try out the simple methods first before using strong chemicals. On other times, you find that just using water and a brush will remove a stain you have been overestimating. Always start from the simplest cleaning solutions available.

Test any chemical cleaning solutions first

You may have come across a new cleaning detergent in the market, which is recommended for your sofa. However, although advertisement can be convincing, always take it upon yourself to test the solution first. You can test it on an old sofa you do not use anymore, or a similar fabric or leather your sofa is made of. This will help you avoid cases of accidentally bleaching your sofa.

Deal with the odour

Most of the available and effective furniture cleaning solutions leave some unpleasant odours on your sofa. The fact is that they are meant to clean the sofa, not to make it smell nice. The most common and effective trick for dealing with odours is the use of baking soda. Sprinkle the soda on your sofa while you are going out for a while. Then, vacuum cleans it or just brush it out upon your arrival back. You should also constantly allow fresh air in by keeping the windows open.

Use combined efforts

Always use some cleaning detergents for cleaning your sofa. If you can’t access some, then use several clothes cleaning detergents, mixed in the same beaker. This approach is usually a mild one but has returned results for tough stains. The most important thing is to keep then proportions right, to avoid ruining the sofa in an attempt of cleaning it.

The above steps are simple to follow. In the long run, they prove the worth of the efforts you will put towards cleaning your sofa. In most cases, these sofa cleaning steps ensure that your sofa always looks nice and smells pleasant.

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