5 Ways to enhance your front entry

The front entry is very important because it gives the guests the very first impression and an ideal of what to expect beyond that. This could be the envy of the neighbourhood, and if you have any intentions of selling your home in the future, then the front entry will play a major role in the kerb appeal. The entry could be the difference between whether the buyers decide to go in the house or not. Most of the people looking for houses drive by different homes, and the entry will attract them. Below are some ways you can enhance your entry way

Add a paving stone porch

If you want to enhance your kerb appeal and improve your entry at the same time, adding a stone patio will do both for you. In addition to that, if you add a stone paver patio you will be adding value to your home as well. This will make your entryway a lot more inviting, and stone pavers work well for any home traditional or modern. There is a variety of colour and style, and you can customise the porch any way you desire

Add paving stone stairs or walkway

Paver stairs or a paving walkway will enhance the look and add value to your home. In case you do decide to install a stone porch, it will be the best opportunity for you to add the walkway as well leading to the entry. If not and you like your porch just as is, you can still create a paver stone walkway, and it will look amazing. The best part is you can do it in any colour or style you like to compliment your décor.

Add a seating area

If your porch is large or spacious enough, you can include a seating area and make the front yard a lot more functional. Most people spend their outdoor time in the backyard and not the front, but you can also create a warm and inviting entryway for your guests by placing a small seating area near the entry. You can congregate here and have some morning coffee or have a chat as you enjoy the fresh air and the view.

Replace the front door

If you want a quick way for you to update your entry, replacing your front door is it. This is a great investment plan you can do regardless of whether you intend to sell your house or not.

Paint the front door

In case you cannot afford to replace your front door, you can easily paint it in any colour you desire, or one that compliments the other colours of your home. This is a process that you can do on your own, but you should probably do it still hanging because if you take it off, you might need an expert to put it back in place. You can update your door handles while you are at it as well.

I also found a great video on YouTube which expands on some ideas I gave and also offers a nice visual. Enjoy!