10 great tips for a successful office removal

Office RemovalsMoving offices can be very stressful because you have to juggle the business and service the customers as well during the move. This article which has been put together by a good friend of mine who provides office removals in London through a company called My Move will hopefully help you manage through the whole process and make sure you will not fall in the different pitfalls ahead. It’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Plan head

You need to create a timeline as well as the key milestones you need to achieve. Pinpoint the key staff that will help you with the move outsource the workforce as well as the additional equipment. Your key milestones could be

  1. Pre-move
  2. Move execution
  3. Post-move

Excel is quite good with timelines, but you need to consider things like SmartDraw that will help you make a gantt chart.

End or negotiate new utility contracts or other arrangements

This should be done before you move and before you sign the premise contract, you must be sure of all the moving costs, business insurance, new building, rates per premise etcetera. You should compare quotes, and you can keep in mind to use independents to get a quote. You can have numerous unnecessary costs if you don’t do this.

Make the purge before moving

You will feel a lot better after a good tidy up and more so in the new premise where you will be moving. Make a move an opportunity to de-clutter. You can take with you what you need but the rest, get rid of. You can use a reputable waste disposal business for this.

Office planning, seating arrangements and decorating

How you create your new office could make or break your team so be careful about it. You can use a basic office planning guide to see how seating arrangements can affect people’s attitudes.

Update local details

Make sure everything is updated before the move including your business cards, website or other forms of offline print. You can also update other online resources like Yelp, Google+ and if you lack such pages, this is a good time to create them.

Downsize or upsize office space

Downsize– This can be cheap because you won’t need to buy new furniture but getting rid of old stuff can be a hassle. You can either sell on eBay, although it can take long and there will be a potential they won’t sell or you can call in a charity to come and pick them up for re-sale.

Upsize- Ensure you get quality furniture that will last. Make sure you get them from places with good deals for bulk orders.

When you move

Try to move during the off-peak business time and make the most of that time. Have some breathing space and know that things can go wrong and probably will.

Executing the move

Unless you are a large corporation, it will be cheaper to use internal sources. However, consider the staff wages because depending on how much they get, you might send more that you could have if you used a professional company and there won’t be much enthusiasm either.

Look after the troops

Nobody likes the moving process, but it has to be done anyway. This means that if you are moving in-house, you need to buy the staff food and take care of them.

Press release

Make sure that everyone knows you have moved premises so your customers know where to find you.