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Tips for Starting Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

Getting a job can sometimes be very frustrating. On top of that, being self-employed gives you the motivation to go on working even for long hours, knowing that the profits will solely be yours. One of the options to be self-employed is starting up a carpet cleaning company like my friend. His company is based in Cardiff and he is doing really well for himself so I thought I would write this post to help other people who are wanting to do something similar.

carpet cleaning business

It is a process in itself, one that can have some of the most returning benefits in the long run. Here are some tips for starting your own carpet cleaning business;

  • Get some training – you need to have a good knowledge of the techniques and details involved in carpet cleaning. Clients like a knowledgeable person, one they can trust the goods to. You should also learn about the terms used in carpet cleaning methods and equipment. Get to know which types of carpet cleaning methods are the best for specific types of carpets. As simple as it may sound, carpet cleaning is a very difficult task without the right training. Your clients also will love it when you keep advising them on the best cleaning methods and give them superb cleaning results.
  • Choose the right equipment – cleaning carpets returns can be calculated by the average work handled per hour. This means that the larger and fast the machine is, the more carpets it will clean per hour. This, of course, is only necessary if your workplace is busy enough. Spending some extra money on a bigger machine can, in the end, prove very economical and profitable in the long run. This also includes getting the right cleaning chemicals and detergents. Some types of carpet cleaning machines require specific types of cleaning chemicals. You will learn all the information in your training course.
  • Delivery services – in the course of your work, you will experience some clients with very busy schedules, too much that they cannot afford to come to your place of work. Here, you will be forced to provide them with delivery services. That includes taking the carpet from their homes and back after cleaning. This will appear very professional to your clients. It will also establish a good relationship between you both. Getting a reliable contact number and the van is the right move towards this.
  • Get as many customers as possible – the more customers you have the better it is in terms of profits. The first step towards this is choosing the right location for your business. Choose a location that clients can easily locate. Next, get all the necessary certifications. The client wants to see that you are operating legally. After that, always keep the quality of your services as high as possible. Never return to your clients a damp carpet, or a partly cleaned one. This will attract more clients to your business.

These tips will in a big way help you establish a very successful carpet cleaning business. Always bear in mind that your clients are your most valuable assets.

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Don’t use baby wipes to clean leather in your home

leather cleaningWho doesn’t know that baby wipes are great? When it comes to cleaning your baby, they are the best. They leave the skin clean and having a nice scent. Most importantly, they are safe for the baby. When time is not on your side, you know baby wipes can really save you out. Even with a huge mess, you can get things cleaned up in a while. However, let’s keep these compliments for the baby cleaning activities only.

Leather cleaning with baby wipes

This is another chapter altogether. Here, baby wipes don’t apply for cleaning purposes. Most homeowners will look at the aspect of safety. They think that anything that is suitable for cleaning a human body and especially that of a baby is safe enough to clean anything else. However, your leather needs some special attention. Take it from leather cleaning experts, it’s not right to clean the leather with baby wipes.

What are the baby wipes?

These are materials or clothes soaked inside cleaning chemicals. The purpose to do that is to keep them moist for a smooth clean once they are required to be used. These wipes are specifically designed for use only in skin cleaning. Detergents are also used with these wipes to ensure quick cleaning. Other chemicals used include sodium hydroxide, acids, sodium citrate, stearyl alcohol, sodium benzoate and others.

These combinations are not healthy for leather. Alcohol, for example, is the most dangerous of them all. As you know, alcohol is a solvent and any of us know it as a spirit. This solvent is capable of damaging a lot of things. The idea that the alcohol is only in a small percentage won’t work on your side. With time using the small quantities will eventually wear out the leather. That happens in stages. First, lacquer finish gets eaten away leaving your leather pigment coat exposed.

After the lacquer coat is eaten away, the leather becomes vulnerable. The attacks will keep coming from the surface. The soil, drinks, foods, jean dye, sweat and the like will all find their way into the pigment layer of the leather that gives it its unique colour. You won’t love the end results. You might be forced to go for re-lacquering or recoloring. Both will bring down the quality of your leather. To make things worse, cleaning doesn’t make any sense once the lacquer layer is worn out. That is because you will be working on the colour layer, wearing it away and making things even worse. There is no protection over your leather.

Cleaning leather should be done using only the specified cleaning agents. When you were buying the leather items, you were advised that and even some cleaning kits for the leather were offered. Those are the ones to go for. They are able to clean the dirt, remove the soil that might have accumulated and get rid of all the contaminants. Most importantly, the agents will protect your leather, unlike the baby wipes. That is what saves you money as you don’t have to go for leather repairs with time.

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How to clean your sofa

How to clean your sofa

Sofas are an essential household item. They not only make the house look attractive but also give you a place to relax on when you are tired. Cleaning sofas can, however, be a challenging task. This is because they require specific detergents to clean them no matter if they are fabric or leather. When cleaning your sofa, the following steps put together by a good friend of mine who owns MHHP Sofa Cleaning will give you most desirable results.

sofa cleaning before and after

Determine the type of your sofa’s leather

Soft fabric sofas can be cleaned by removing the covers and washing them independently. If the sofa has non-removable covers, then the best way is to clean them is to brush them softly with a special brush. Most types of sofas come with non-removable covers, and a couple of washing challenges.

Use the right cleaning methods and detergents

You sometimes find that you have been overestimating a stain on your sofa. Sometimes it can be that you are anxious to get the whole sofa cleaning job done that you end up doing it wrong. Always use the factory user guide before mixing the cleaning solution you are using. Try out the simple methods first before using strong chemicals. On other times, you find that just using water and a brush will remove a stain you have been overestimating. Always start from the simplest cleaning solutions available.

Test any chemical cleaning solutions first

You may have come across a new cleaning detergent in the market, which is recommended for your sofa. However, although advertisement can be convincing, always take it upon yourself to test the solution first. You can test it on an old sofa you do not use anymore, or a similar fabric or leather your sofa is made of. This will help you avoid cases of accidentally bleaching your sofa.

Deal with the odour

Most of the available and effective furniture cleaning solutions leave some unpleasant odours on your sofa. The fact is that they are meant to clean the sofa, not to make it smell nice. The most common and effective trick for dealing with odours is the use of baking soda. Sprinkle the soda on your sofa while you are going out for a while. Then, vacuum cleans it or just brush it out upon your arrival back. You should also constantly allow fresh air in by keeping the windows open.

Use combined efforts

Always use some cleaning detergents for cleaning your sofa. If you can’t access some, then use several clothes cleaning detergents, mixed in the same beaker. This approach is usually a mild one but has returned results for tough stains. The most important thing is to keep then proportions right, to avoid ruining the sofa in an attempt of cleaning it.

The above steps are simple to follow. In the long run, they prove the worth of the efforts you will put towards cleaning your sofa. In most cases, these sofa cleaning steps ensure that your sofa always looks nice and smells pleasant.

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10 great tips for a successful office removal

Office RemovalsMoving offices can be very stressful because you have to juggle the business and service the customers as well during the move. This article which has been put together by a good friend of mine who provides office removals in London through a company called My Move will hopefully help you manage through the whole process and make sure you will not fall in the different pitfalls ahead. It’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Plan head

You need to create a timeline as well as the key milestones you need to achieve. Pinpoint the key staff that will help you with the move outsource the workforce as well as the additional equipment. Your key milestones could be

  1. Pre-move
  2. Move execution
  3. Post-move

Excel is quite good with timelines, but you need to consider things like SmartDraw that will help you make a gantt chart.

End or negotiate new utility contracts or other arrangements

This should be done before you move and before you sign the premise contract, you must be sure of all the moving costs, business insurance, new building, rates per premise etcetera. You should compare quotes, and you can keep in mind to use independents to get a quote. You can have numerous unnecessary costs if you don’t do this.

Make the purge before moving

You will feel a lot better after a good tidy up and more so in the new premise where you will be moving. Make a move an opportunity to de-clutter. You can take with you what you need but the rest, get rid of. You can use a reputable waste disposal business for this.

Office planning, seating arrangements and decorating

How you create your new office could make or break your team so be careful about it. You can use a basic office planning guide to see how seating arrangements can affect people’s attitudes.

Update local details

Make sure everything is updated before the move including your business cards, website or other forms of offline print. You can also update other online resources like Yelp, Google+ and if you lack such pages, this is a good time to create them.

Downsize or upsize office space

Downsize– This can be cheap because you won’t need to buy new furniture but getting rid of old stuff can be a hassle. You can either sell on eBay, although it can take long and there will be a potential they won’t sell or you can call in a charity to come and pick them up for re-sale.

Upsize- Ensure you get quality furniture that will last. Make sure you get them from places with good deals for bulk orders.

When you move

Try to move during the off-peak business time and make the most of that time. Have some breathing space and know that things can go wrong and probably will.

Executing the move

Unless you are a large corporation, it will be cheaper to use internal sources. However, consider the staff wages because depending on how much they get, you might send more that you could have if you used a professional company and there won’t be much enthusiasm either.

Look after the troops

Nobody likes the moving process, but it has to be done anyway. This means that if you are moving in-house, you need to buy the staff food and take care of them.

Press release

Make sure that everyone knows you have moved premises so your customers know where to find you.

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Carpet stain removal: What not to do

As great as carpet looks in a home, it could take a mere second for it to get spoiled by a nasty stain becoming a source of filth as well as irritation, not to mention an eyesore. Carpet stains are very common, and they can happen in any form including stained footwear, liquid spills and pet actions. The carpets covering the largest spaces in a home are a lot more susceptible to these stains, and they always call for an on-the-spot cleaning. If the stains are not removed as immediately they stain the carpet; the stain could damage the carpet. Now, most people have no experience in stain removal nor do they happen to have the right cleaning equipment, and when this happens, they commit numerous unintentional mistakes that only worsen the stains instead of removing them.

Below are some of the top things you should never do in the situation of carpet stain to avoid permanent marks and damages to your otherwise beautiful expensive carpets.

  • Do not delay the cleaning procedure because the longer they stay, the worse the stain becomes. Dig out the solids and absorb the liquids with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Do not use a carpet cleaning solution without first testing it on a discreet area.
  • Do not wipe or even scrub, not even gently. You should tackle the carpet very tenderly using a stain remover to prevent the stain from being absorbed more profoundly in the fibres. You should also consider blotting with a clean towel.
  • Do not rub the spill on the carpet either. If you do this, you will only push the stain further deeper into the carpet, and you will fray the fibres if you rub too hard.
  • Do not stop cleaning the stain with the clean clothes until all the stain goes away and there is no more on the blotting cloth.
  • Do not, under any circumstances over-wet the carpet. What you should do is mix water with a moderate amount of the cleaning solution. If you add water, it will seep in the carpet and ruin the delicate backing.
  • Do not use too much of soap or cleaning solution because soap will leave residue behind and the cleaning solution might as well. Too much residue will be cause for future staining.
  • Do not clean without rinsing, which is very important because it will remove the excess solvent, soap or stain remover. If you do not and leave residue on the carpet, you will be inviting dirt to the spot and an additional stain.
  • Hot water can be very good for cleaning stains but do not put your hand because you risk burning yourself. Instead, you can just use a heated carpet extractor or a carpet cleaner that hold water in water tanks.
  • Do not apply a solvent directly on the stain unless there are proper ventilation and protection from sparks.
  • Do not use alcohol on acrylic surfaces
  • Do not, ever; air dries your carpet because it will lead to visible stains. Instead, cover that spot with a porous white cloth and then place a heavy stainless object and let it sit to dry overnight.

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5 Ways to enhance your front entry

The front entry is very important because it gives the guests the very first impression and an ideal of what to expect beyond that. This could be the envy of the neighbourhood, and if you have any intentions of selling your home in the future, then the front entry will play a major role in the kerb appeal. The entry could be the difference between whether the buyers decide to go in the house or not. Most of the people looking for houses drive by different homes, and the entry will attract them. Below are some ways you can enhance your entry way

Add a paving stone porch

If you want to enhance your kerb appeal and improve your entry at the same time, adding a stone patio will do both for you. In addition to that, if you add a stone paver patio you will be adding value to your home as well. This will make your entryway a lot more inviting, and stone pavers work well for any home traditional or modern. There is a variety of colour and style, and you can customise the porch any way you desire

Add paving stone stairs or walkway

Paver stairs or a paving walkway will enhance the look and add value to your home. In case you do decide to install a stone porch, it will be the best opportunity for you to add the walkway as well leading to the entry. If not and you like your porch just as is, you can still create a paver stone walkway, and it will look amazing. The best part is you can do it in any colour or style you like to compliment your décor.

Add a seating area

If your porch is large or spacious enough, you can include a seating area and make the front yard a lot more functional. Most people spend their outdoor time in the backyard and not the front, but you can also create a warm and inviting entryway for your guests by placing a small seating area near the entry. You can congregate here and have some morning coffee or have a chat as you enjoy the fresh air and the view.

Replace the front door

If you want a quick way for you to update your entry, replacing your front door is it. This is a great investment plan you can do regardless of whether you intend to sell your house or not.

Paint the front door

In case you cannot afford to replace your front door, you can easily paint it in any colour you desire, or one that compliments the other colours of your home. This is a process that you can do on your own, but you should probably do it still hanging because if you take it off, you might need an expert to put it back in place. You can update your door handles while you are at it as well.

I also found a great video on YouTube which expands on some ideas I gave and also offers a nice visual. Enjoy!

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